Fantastic Voyage Installation Diary: Days 14 and 15 and an Unusual Proposal.

The work is getting bitty now as I am finishing off bits and pieces. Yesterday I gave myself the morning off and decided to do maximum four hours in the afternoon. I worked fast and I was finished early, home by six and even managed to get a swim in. Today I got quite a bit done and changed a few pieces I wasn’t happy with. It occurred to me (again) while I was working that this ‘Cowboy Building’ isΒ  – like painting – and like painting it takes a while to master it. It is nice to be able to start seeing a progression of sorts, a learning curve that was happening when I thought all was chaos. It will be interesting to see what comes out in the years ahead.

Today my friend Alan dropped off a big cardboard box and I had just decided to use him as the first guinea pig to go through the installation when Larry arrived to do a Health and Safety walk through along with his lovely granddaughter. So we all walked through together a few times and Larry pointed out all the things I would need to highlight so I will have to make a number of signs, a map for emergency exits (yes, I have been making emergency exits!) as well as taping or spraying steps etc. I have already bought an ‘If you pass beyond this point you are on a Farm….. ‘ sign which I will alter. Or maybe I’ll get a loan of some chickens…rogue submission

Janie, the founder and director of The Rogue Gallery, came back from her holidays all brown and rested today – though how she looks rested afterΒ  gallivanting down the entire coast of Portugal I don’t know. She has a lot of energy. It was Janie who accepted my propsosal for this exhibition shown above. I am so sick of writing proposals when all I want to do is build something. I wanted to experiment with proposals that reflect my process. So when The Rogue called for submissions, this is what they got from me. Luckily Janie has not only got energy she’s got the smarts to know what I was getting at and the balls to take a gamble on me and its working out even better than I thought it would.

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