Back in the Studio

My plans for getting back in the studio for Mondays and Tuesdays, beginning two weeks ago, became derailed last week after a weekend long workshop in Cork, but that’s the nature of plans. Those first two days saw me start some materials experiments with paint and wire and canvas. I had no particular aim in mind.

The workshop in Cork was a two-day long exploration of the use of electronics – sensors, light, sound – in art and I found it very useful. It was also free courtesy of Broken Crow Theatre Company, The Everyman Theatre in Cork and the workshop people, Make, Create, Innovate.

Make, Create, Innovate Workshop.

This week I have started part-time work at a local arts centre and will have to get my head around my hours which will change week to week but I am looking forward to it. It means the start of a new more extrovert phase after three months of being happily squirrelled away for the last few months launching various publishing projects – illustrated books, cartoons and so on, another learning curve. I hope to connect my newly acquired publishing expertise to my art practice down the line. The last few months also saw a flurry of new year applications for residencies and grants I have relieved replies from most (refusals – but that’s the name of the game) and I am happy to start seeing the shape of the rest of the year. I think in future I will keep applications to the start of the year as they are very time-consuming, and then I will be able to stay at my work undisturbed for the rest of the year.


I have also begun a series of small, fast paintings with the intention of selling them – money is tight – but the act of painting has proven inspirational in itself and I am pleased with my progress there. So, all is good. I am in no hurry to get back into the gallery, (though I have s how earmarked for the summer) of my work as well a knotty problem and I know I want my art practice to find its own way, and that will take time. The rest of my life I suppose. The one problem with not being immersed in work is that one starts to think and very quickly doubt what one is doing. But we also need time away so there is a trick to learning how to think about work without thinking about and I am happy at that e moment that I seem to be managing that, perhaps because I have so many other projects on. I know there is something happening in my head regarding my construction and building work as in the last week I have been having bursts of, perhaps not inspiration, realisation that some of the ideas I have had over the last few years are worth following up, that I don’t have to keep analysing them all as we did for the MA last year, that I can kick back and start experimenting.  I am looking forward to that. As soon as I get back in the studio that is.

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    1. Lordy, did I make it sound that bad? 😆I found it really good, but intense… maybe I dont like being told what do do….😅…also I suppose you dont learn as much from easy experiences as harder ones…but defo just going to enjoy myself for a while now.

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