Studio : Semester 3, Week 7 : Loving It.


Last week’s building has bled over into this week. Blob experiments are continuing on the side but I am now starting to work on the assumption that the building of the frame will influence the development of the blobs.  I think this has been brought on by the awareness of a looming time limit and this is a good thing . Considering each element alone was necessary. Now is the time to consider them in tandem. Having said that I am also focusing more on building because it is what I enjoy and because it is like thinking in action. Focusing on the blobs left no room for experimentation ina way. While building I think about the blobs and when you enjoy something it opens you up. Anyway, why create art if it is not at least sometimes enjoyable?Quite a number of tutors I have come across gauge a students progress like this…’Are you enjoying yourself?’ It doesn’t mean this profession is all roses, far from it. But the enjoyment is at the core. It is your plumb line and your anchor. It allows you, in times of doubt, to know if your work is true, to reconnect with it.


Some new developments occurred in the building too, developments which I feel will have to wait until after the course is over. These developments involved an occasional table I used earlier in the year. Now I have combined it with some picture frames. It has the beginning of an interesting piece but one that is, because of its recognisable elements which speak specifically of house interiors, the history of art, domesticity, class and so on, might need to be more considered than the energetic, ‘stream of consciousness’ building I am contemplating for the show.



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