Artist Statement and IMMA

This is my proposal for a month-long residency at IMMA, The Irish Museum of Modern Art….unfortunately I did not get it. I still think it is a good proposal but selection for anything in the arts is often quite subjective or arbitrary and these days there is a very cerebral bent to contemporary artwork so rejection of my scary sloppiness was probably a done deal before the panel even met.

My work explores the embodiment of paths of energy and development and it’s adaptation to interruption through installations which respond to their environment. The processes of construction and painting are used to materialise actions with an emphasis on ‘sloppiness’ to access unconscious, visceral impulses and accentuate the ephemeral nature of the work and by extension, movement in space.

Points of departure include the experience of hearing impairment, and its interruption of communications and relationships and the adaptation to same, the immediate environment e.g. the gallery space, as well as concepts and objects.

The point of contact between the viewer and the work is an aspect of research and to that end research extends to include sensory aspects such as texture, audio and video including projection.

This latter research is in its early stages in respect to the MA:AP course.


A residency at IMMA would be invaluable to me from a number of aspects:

  • A chance to explore IMMA’s collection and archive would assist enormously in placing my work in respect to recent art history, both national and international.
  • An exploration IMMA’s spaces, both studio and gallery, would offer far-reaching inspiration and an anchor for future projects and help contextualise my practice in regards to space.
  • Establishing relationships with artists and curators at IMMA would offer a vast pool of learning and experience which would support my MA and my subsequent afterwards.


Please find attached four images and my CV.

CLARE SCOTT. They said one day it would all come bursting forth, surprising all. GOMA, Waterford, 2018..JPG

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