Semester 1 : Week 13 ~ Preparing for Assessment

Studio assessments are next Monday and we need to have a display of work in our space…an edited display, that is work that shows how we have progressed over the semester with a less-is-more vibe something I have to work at.

When I looked around my space I realised I hadn’t got any work because I recycle or dump it. Oops. I had started working on some small pieces but they (it) are at an early stage.

I also considered just leaving my tools in the space as I tend to build on site and in response to space. But that’s too conceptual for literal-ass me, I need to make things one because I enjoy it but two because there is a part of me that believes I always have to produce proof I have been working. Maybe it’s the Irish Catholic guilt. It might be a project for another time to produce absolutely nothing…

So I began by making my version of a the bust I used for the Situations module. The bust would serve as a starting point, which is something I have been trying to get my head around.

I began the bust, and probably even finished it but it didn’t feel  right so I began clearing my space and reviewing the semester in the hope something would come up. There is always a little edge of panic when I do this but only a fraction of what I would have had if I were younger.  Experience allows me to trust myself to come up with something and know even if I don’t it won’t be the end of the world. Probably. Anyway, you always learn something.

I think the bust may be even better with no head…

This is probably the best semester to get a bad mark in and I even toyed with the idea of aiming low to give my second semester some impetus. But then my bust began to develop…

Stay tuned…

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