Glasgow : Peel Eezy

20180426_110153The Savoy Centre on Sauchiehall Street is worth a visit International art show or not.  It is like taking a walk back into the seventies. The ceilings and lights are low and units crowded with tat and kitsch and all sort so wonderous sparkly things alongside a Chinese Medical Centre, a keycutting shop straight out of Harry Potter,an alteration service, card and gift shops, a unit selling scooters for the disabled, a pie shop, a beauty shop, a Karate shop , various restaurants and delis and a Palm Readers booth. Sadly I haven’t any photos. Plenty of the units are empty though and these have been taken over by a selection of artists.


My favourite unit was run by Peel Eezy. The idea behind their shop was they would make and sell things…not original in itself no. But each item, including the fixtures and fittings, was individually made and its worth calculated by the materials and labour that went into it.

scan00101.jpgWhile I am not a huge fan of social art or at least art that lectures, as an artist I loved this project. I once calcualted how much my wage would have been for creating one of my most successful-and expensive- show of paintings. The biggest I wage I could calculate out of my costs was 2c an hour. This is why in the future we may only have rich people making art. And truly we don’t that…


scan00111.jpgThis project was created with colour and humour and panache and while it would cause anyone to stop and to consider what actually goes in to making the art object and how an artist labour is actually valued it did not feel like a lecture. And I LOVE the  cash register!



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