Nigel Rolfe review in Circa Magazine

nigel rolfeI have been writing on a variety of subjects on a few different blogs for a few years now and its been a terrific learning experience. The feedback I have received from family, friends and supporters has been instrumental in driving me on but so far I have not received any recognition from a recognised writing platform. Mostly I suppose because I have not submitted many pieces anywhere for consideration being content to keep working at honing my communication skills. But when Circa Magazine, an online version of Ireland’s premiere art magazine, called for submissions I decided to put a piece in, because writing about art is a good tool to get to grips with to critique my own work. Imagine my delight when my piece was accepted, with very few edits, for the second edition of This Matters Now, Circa’s open and invited project expanding their current research into the relationship between art writing, art magazines and the present moment. Though some people might say outside approval is not the be all and end all of what we do, it feels damn good to have this stamp of approval from those within my chosen profession. You can read the piece here…



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