Semester 1 : Week 2 ~ Wigwam

What: A paper wigwam.
Why: I wanted to build something. To get out of my head. Also I wanted to plant myself in the space. Assess it.
How: Quickly!
With materials to hand. Bamboo from the store room and cheap brown paper and masking tape.


I was in a new place, a new work space that was not private and also smaller than expected. I was feeling a little insecure and unsupported. I wanted a cave, a shelter but it not a dark place to retreat to forever, rather a short term space. The wigwam also recalls a sweat lodge, a place for meditation and transformation. The bamboo indicates the structure temporariness in that it was not mine so it was not broken or adapted so that it would be returned to its owner intact. The brown paper it is made from, cheap and recyclable, signifies a parcel to be unwrapped. The paper could also indicate an acknowledgement that this shelter is only a metaphor rather than something that is necessary. The paper will never stand up to the elements, either outside (rain, storms) or inside (steam). There is humour in this and it recalls childhood perhaps a less secure time in terms of being a fully flowered indvidual but a time that involved creativity and growth. It recalls a child building a fort rather than someone who has real need of protection.

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